Business Accelerator Program

The business environment has never been more challenging. Business SA is committed to helping local businesses grow. The Business Accelerator Program is the latest member benefit for SME and Corporate Business SA Members.
The Business Accelerator Program is designed to help owners and managers of business that are time poor and wanting to work more on their business. There is an emphasis on established businesses that are looking to “accelerate” growth by developing strategies to scale.
The Program consists of seven workshops:

Growth for a Purpose
Starting with the end in mind.

Presenters: Brett Buckley, Ray White Business Sales, Andrew Bradley, William Buck

This workshop focuses on succession planning, buying and selling a business and preparing your business for sale in the future.
Market-Led Growth
Practical ways to achieve market-led growth.

Presenters: TBA

Our presenters will take you through how to develop new markets, customers or products by:
  • Understanding your current business status.
  • Build new understanding – be actively open.
  • Find new perspectives – systemise creativity.

Accelerating Sales Growth
How to leverage People, Process and Technology

Presenter: Joel Abraham, Founder of Growth Partner Ventures

Joel will discuss how to accelerate your sales growth through customer service, account management, sales and business development:
  • Managing the customer experience, role clarity, measuring sales success, CRM
  • Relationship management, systemic approach, CRM.
  • Lead generation and management, automation, high performance sales team, CRM.
  • Extended lead generation, customised approach, CRM.

Growth from Marketing
The importance of brand and using the right channels.

Presenters: David O’Loughlin, KWP!, Joel Abraham, Founder of Growth Partner Ventures

Our presenters take you through how to build your brand, communication, social and digital media. Your takeaways for this workshop are:
  • How to build your brand.
  • Communication Strategies.
  • Social and Digital Media.

Growth from Government
Where and how to access, apply and win tenders and grants.

Presenters: Jenny Briggs, Business SA, Victoria Kardasis, Endless Opportunities Ahead

In this session you will learn how to win tenders and access more grants. Our presenters will discuss:
  • Accessing Grants – tender websites and alerts.
  • Assessing strategic alignment and viability (Go/No Go).
  • Winning tenders – relationships, using external providers.

People-led Growth
The importance of leadership and culture as a growth enabler

Presenter: Jason Murray, Growth Facilitator - Advanced Manufacturing

Jason will take you through how to lead, recruit, and build both culture and capability within your organisation.
Systemising Growth
Maximising operational efficiency

Presenters: Martin Haese, Business SA, Justin Jamieson, KPMG

In this workshop Martin and Justin will help you to understand how to build ICT, operations, logistics, supply chain and inventory systems.



EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT to Business SA SME and Corporate level Members

Led by Business Adviser Simon Romaniuk who has 28 years national and international business experience specialising in marketing, business development and management consulting across technology, tourism, packaged goods, sporting, community, not-for-profit, arts and events.


Simon Romaniuk
Phone: 8300 0292
Mobile: 0403 451 868

Learn more about the program by watching the video below

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