Business Accelerator Program

The business environment has never been more challenging. Business SA is committed to helping local businesses grow. The Business Accelerator Program is the latest member benefit for SME and Corporate Business SA Members.
The Business Accelerator Program is designed to help owners and managers of business that are time poor and wanting to work more on their business. There is an emphasis on established businesses that are looking to “accelerate” growth by developing strategies to scale.
The Program consists of seven workshops:

Growth for a Purpose 
How to start planning now for Succession or Sale 
Presenters: Andrew Bradley & Brett Buckley 
Andrew will cover Family Succession in considerable detail. Specifically, he will investigate… 
  • Opportunities for families to prepare 
  • Hidden factors driving wealth transfer failures 
  • The importance of education 
  • Family “issues” and governance plans 
  • The role of family council 
  • Philanthropy 
  • Family office 
  • Investment management 
Brett will identify exactly what to look for when you are considering either selling or acquiring a business. Amongst other things, Brett will provide clarity and understanding regarding… 
  • Financial performance 
  • Key systems and procedures 
  • Risk management 
  • Sustainability 
  • Management structure 
  • Transferability 
  • Geography 

Market-Led Growth 
Accelerating Growth by Embracing Uncertainty 
PresenterDavid Walker 
Dave will identify how to embrace uncertainty, leverage opportunities, and maximise your likelihood of accelerating the growth of your business. 
Dave will provide clarity and understanding regarding… 
Recurring market uncertainty 
The myriad business benefits of embracing uncertainty 
Dave will then provide 5 practical ways to accelerate growth by embracing uncertainty. Dave will provide clearly articulated strategies and tactics identifying how to… 
  • Understand your customers and prospects 
  • Understand your numbers 
  • Understand changing external conditions and emerging themes 
  • Create an inspiring purpose, mission, and vision 
  • Seek unconventional perspectives 
Finally, Dave will reveal a further 16 practical ways to accelerate growth by embracing uncertainty. 

Accelerating Sales Growth 
Via Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics 
Presenter: David Walker 
Dave will identify how to maximise your likelihood of accelerating sales growth. 
Dave will provide clarity regarding… 
  • How sales are defined 
  • Who is responsible for sales 
  • The importance of sales 
  • The various roles that sit within sales 
Dave will also provide multiple clearly articulated strategies and tactics for… 
  • Retaining your current customers 
  • Generating sustainable revenue growth from your current customers 
  • Securing new customers 

Growth from Marketing 
How to build your Brand, Communications, Social and Digital Media 
Presenter: David O'Loughlin 
David will provide clearly articulated strategies and tactics identifying how to… 
  • Build your brand 
  • Develop communication strategies 
  • Actively and effectively participate in social and digital media 

Growth from Government 
How to Win Tenders and Access Grants 
PresentersJenny Briggs & Victoria Kardasis 
Jenny and Victoria will identify how best to go about winning tenders and accessing grants. 
They will walk attendees through… 
  • How to access funding, and provide an understanding of common terms 
  • How best to source tender and grant information 
  • How best to assess strategic alignment and viability 
  • How tenders are won, and provide an understanding of application and assessment systems and processes 
  • The importance of maintaining a client focus 
  • Required capabilities and capacities, and the resources available 

People-Led Growth 
How to Lead, Recruit, Build Culture and Capability 
Presenter: Jason Murray 
Jason will expertly analyse and unpack each of… 
  • Leadership 
  • Culture 
  • Talent 
Jason then looks at the elements which form the bedrock of high-performance thinking. Amongst other things, he unravels… 
  • Why comfort is a slow death 
  • How to create and apply your energies 
  • Where you do versus where you should spend your time 
To conclude, Jason investigates the concept of “beginning with the end in mind”. Here he… 
  • Explores organisational culture 
  • Explains “cultural kryptonite” 
  • Inspects “talent attraction” 
  • Examines the sigmoid wave 

Systemising Growth 
How to build ICT, Operations, Logistics, Supply-Chain, and Inventory systems 
Presenter: Martin Haese 
Martin’s areas of expertise include… 
  • Influence and leadership 
  • Strategy and operations 
  • Financial literacy 
  • Environment, social, and governance policy 
  • Media and communications. 
Martin’s presentation is structured around six key sessions… 
  • Strategy and planning 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Inventory management 
  • Logistics management 
  • Operations management 
  • ICT management 


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David Walker

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