Injury Management Consulting

It’s in every businesses best interest to ensure their workplace is safe and as free from risk as possible. We recognise that unfortunately accidents can still happen and we can’t avoid workplace accidents that lead to workers’ compensation claims.

Our highly experienced Senior Consultants can support your business and help you create the policies and procedures and systems to manage any workplace injuries effectively and enable a speedy recovery and return to work. Our Senior Consultants can also help you take care of business in making sure all your bases are covered. Not only this, but they can review your premium costs and work with you to proactively manage your claims to ensure claim costs and ultimately your insurance premium are kept as low as possible. 

We are committed and have proven experience in helping South Australian businesses pro-actively case manage workers compensation claims, negotiate reduced insurance premium rates and effectively resolve workers’ compensation disputes. Our breakdown of services include:

Injury Management Systems
  • Injury management system development, implementation and review
  • Injury management and recovery and return to work plan support
  • Injury management procedures
Documentation + implementation
  • Injury management manuals
  • Injury management policy and procedure review and development
  • Return to Work Coordinator tool kits
  • Injury management training
On-site assistance
  • Return to work coordinator
  • General case management
  • Income support determination of entitlements
  • Investigation of claims
  • Determination of claims including compensability
  • Support with recovery and return to work
  • Insurance premium reduction strategies
  • Workstation Assessments
  • Audits of injury management systems
  • Legislative compliance audits
  • Self-insurance gap analysis 
  • Representation in Insurance premium disputes
  • Lodgement and management of claim disputes
  • Representation in the South Australian Employment Tribunal

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