EOI to be part of aggregated Power Purchase

Do you spend at least $50K on power and struggle with rising costs?

Since Alinta's decision to shut the Northern Power Station two years ago which doubled the wholesale price of electricity in South Australia - Business SA has been raising the concerns of our members to the various levels of Government. In addition to our lobbying and advocacy efforts, we have hosted various forums providing opportunities for businesses to hear from experts on how to reduce their power costs.

We have also been talking to retailers and project proponents about what can be done to help SMEs on a commercial basis. To date, the characteristics of the market have only enabled us to find a commercial solution for small market members via Lumo Energy. However, the recent progress of an aggregated arrangement for very large users through the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME), may open opportunities for Business SA’s larger market members.

Join forces with Business SA members to collectively negotiate for your next contract.

Business SA recently sought Expressions of Interest (EOI) from South Australian businesses to be part of an aggregated power purchase for large market customers. This EOI has now closed and we are currently assessing next steps.
While the EOI is officially closed, if your business is still interested in being involved in a collective power purchase for large market customers (i.e. those consuming more than 160 MWh per annum per individual NMI*, or approximately $50,000 per NMI), please complete the survey below.

*The National Metering Identifier (NMI) identifies your network connection point and is listed on your electricity bill

For more information please contact Andrew McKenna, Senior Policy Adviser on (08) 8300 0000 or email andrewm@business-sa.com - or contact Business SA’s Member Engagement Centre on (08) 8300 0000.

Note this process is about getting the best deal for the majority of our members so we will have to work with whatever the generation/retail market delivers - even if that means some members with certain shaped loads or levels of use may ultimately be excluded. Should this be the case, any contribution to costs would be refunded. Also, any agreement ultimately reached by the collective would still need to be subject to the agreement of each individual business.

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