Submission to Default Electricity Market Offer

While SA businesses face the highest electricity costs in Australia, Business SA does not see a default market offer as a way of sustainably lowering prices. We are mindful of what these types of barriers do to competition which we really need more of here in South Australia. We strongly support the Federal Government’s focus on price transparency, and support a market reference bill, but actually setting a price as a default market offer signals a shift back towards centralised price fixing which we oppose for the indirect costs it imposes upon consumers.

Business SA lobbies on behalf of members to ensure the voice of South Australian business is heard and that we achieve the best environment in which to do business. A significant part of that lobbying effort is through written submissions we make to all levels of government and other organisations such as utility companies, either in response to formal reviews of for example, legislation, or proactively where we wish to progress a particular issue not high enough on the government’s agenda. This might include submissions before the State Budget or where say, the government is reviewing options to reduce red-tape. We also make regular submissions to the Fair Work Commission to advocate the interests of our members with respect to Modern Awards and other industrial matters.

Business SA’s policy team relies heavily on member input into our submissions to ensure that we have the most comprehensive and current perspective from members for any position we take on your behalf. So if you are asked to complete a survey, speak with a policy team member on the phone or participate in a member forum, we appreciate your involvement as it all helps to strengthen the case of business.

Submission to Default Electricity Market Offer

Date Published: December 2018

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