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Do you have an IT system but you’re not really sure how to optimise it? Or you need to upgrade, but can’t decide what to do, or how much data you need? Concept Data’s Gary Paradise can help.

Gary branched out to start Concept Data just over three years ago, after spending his career working in the banking and finance tech sectors. He has since spread to the UK and works with several international businesses, meaning Concept Data can provide IT solutions around the clock.

Concept Data also helps householders and schools with their network solutions. He has a “no tech speak” policy, ensuring people can understand what he and his staff are talking about without having to look up IT definitions online.

The clever company is also working in the sporting arena, and has this year pioneered live-streaming of Brighton Bombers Football Club’s games, so spectators can watch from home if the weather is foul or they can’t make a match. Concept Data also sponsors the Sturt Football Club.

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