Now offering mental health first aid training 

Being aware of mental health in the workplace is important. Simply noticing a colleague or staff member’s behavioural change, or the signs and symptoms that something may be wrong could potentially save a person’s life. Providing mental health first aid training for your staff members could make a world of difference.

Recent PwC statistics show that almost half the population will experience a mental health disorder at some stage of their life. Mental health first aid training enables employees to support a work colleague, family member or friend when the time comes. 

Business SA has a range of courses on offer, including our Mental Health Master Class, Mental Health Fundamentals for Employees, Mental Health Fundamentals for Managers and Resilience and Mental Health.

In partnership with St John SA, Business SA is also offering our Mental Health First Aid course next week, with special member discounts of offer. Click here to find out more. 

Given most working-aged adults spend the majority of their life at work, the early signs and symptoms of mental illness are often noticed when we’re at the office or job site. Providing mental health first aid early can assist workers to return to their usual performance quickly and avoid the problem worsening or a crisis emerging.  
Business SA holds mental health first aid training to help decrease stigma and improve attitudes towards mental illnesses, while learning how to identify when issues are likely to occur or when behaviour changes.
The benefits of Mental Health First Aid training far outweigh the cost, with Australian businesses receiving an average return of $2.30 for every $1 they invest in effective workplace mental health strategies. 
Business SA’s Mental Health First Aid Training will take place from 21-22 March, at a special members’ rate of $209, and $242 for non-members.  
To enrol in our Mental Health First Aid Training, click here 

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