It’s time to change South Australia’s medieval shop trading hours

The world-leading Institute for Choice has found three quarters of South Australian consumers want to see changes to shop trading hours – including staying open later on weekends, opening earlier on Sunday mornings, and allowing suburban centres to open on public holidays.

The South Australian-first study on consumer preferences for shop trading hours, commissioned by Business SA, supports our calls for greater deregulation to allow shop owners the choice to open and close when it suits their needs and their customers.

The University of South Australia-based institute found an overwhelming 75 per cent of the South Australian consumers surveyed wanted to see changes to shop trading hours. In regional areas where there are no regulations, residents do not want to see any changes.

Businesses want changes to allow them to operate when it suits their needs, and consumers want more choice, which means people will shop more regularly, spend more, and more of our young people will be employed in retail and hospitality.

With little more than a week until the South Australian election, support the party which understands our state’s business needs.

To read Business SA’s policy on shop trading hours, click here.

Click here to read the Institue for Choice report

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