The changing face of Human Resources

Human resources within many businesses is evolving with the need to people manage on a daily basis through managers and supervisors. 
Human resource managers were once the central point for all management of staff, recruitment, culture, strategy and ultimately understanding the requirements of Fairwork and the National Employment Standards. With the demands of workplace relations, we are starting to see this role evolve with managers becoming increasingly involved in the day-to-day complexities of human resources. 
Understanding these complexities has generated a wave of training requirements to upskill managers in the key principles of human resources. 
Business SA has released two new human resources programs to accommodate business needs. The New to Human Resources training course is designed to familiarise managers and supervisors with the principles of Fairwork Australia, the National Employment Standards and the employment cycle to ensure they are skilled to undertake any daily challenges which may arise. 
Business SA also offers Human Resources Management training to continue assisting with the development of your human resources team with strategy, business plans, managing people and workplace culture and environment.
Human resources is vital to a successful business. These courses will increase your knowledge and awareness of HR principles, strategies and systems.

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