Member Training Profile - Bentleys South Australia

Ensuring leadership staff are adequately trained is critical to Business SA member Bentleys, a South Australian accountancy advisory firm. Its logo – Thinking Ahead - points to its ongoing commitment to improving staff leadership skills and training tomorrow’s leaders. Human Resources manager Carolyn Milewski turns to Business SA for Bentleys’ leadership training needs.

Bentleys supports its 125 employees across professional and administrative positions by providing them with the skills to be the best they can be in their respective roles.

“It’s very important for our employees to be trained in management and soft skills in order for them to develop in their careers, and build on their technical skills,” Carolyn says. 

“We have a number of employees who have developed technical experience in their roles but require the knowledge and understanding of what skills they need to further develop their careers.”

Carolyn recently invested in Business SA’s The New Leader training course to give Bentleys’ leaders a refresher and more confidence in their roles.

“We have also used the skills acquired from this course to prepare employees for pending promotions within the firm,” Carolyn says.

Are you looking to improve your leadership? Click here to find out more about Business SA’s range of leadership courses.

For training bookings and enquiries contact Cindy Jackway on (08) 8300 0247 or email

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