CHARTER22 Discover the business community's vision for the future of SA

Charter22 outlines a detailed suggestions to meet both the existing needs of businesses and to generate growth opportunities in a post-COVID environment, with a primary focus on business taxes, skills, infrastructure, sustainability, and red tape.

This isn’t about choosing sides. This is about providing all parties with recommendations that meet the fundamental needs of the business community, with enough notice to ensure these priorities are taken into consideration when political parties form their own election policies.

We expect this will cause some robust debate in political circles in the coming months, with points derived from months, even years of research and discussions with business focus groups.

On behalf of our members, we now put a line in the sand between the state that was and what it could be for the business community. With practical solutions to complex issues facing business now presented to all parties, we look forward to connecting our members with a more prosperous future, with Charter22 as the practical, guiding roadmap.


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