9-Point Plan to Skyrocket SA

The impact of COVID-19 on the South Australian economy has been severe and is likely to continue for months and potentially years to come.
Led by its Board, Business SA has submitted a 9-Point Plan to Skyrocket SA to the State Government recognising the need to put forward a mix of policy options that will help engineer economic growth in an economy that has structurally changed.
The nine key priorities harness South Australia’s unique strengths in order to help the economy rebound over the medium to long term.
The proposal highlights opportunities the State could seize immediately and progress with help in some instances from the private sector.
The key priorities in the 9-Point Plan to Skyrocket SA are:
  1. Establish SA as a ‘State of Knowledge’ through education reforms that reduce duplication and foster greater collaboration between business and universities,
  2. Increase future take up of green hydrogen through a grant program to assist local businesses to identify opportunities to integrate hydrogen within their operations,
  3. Create a new Skyrocket SA taskforce charged with reinvigorating the State Brand and investment attraction within the Department for Premier and Cabinet,
  4. Promote SA’s high-tech capacity through a new marketing campaign to attract more businesses to SA leveraging enhanced internet capacity available across the State, including through Gig-City and Ten-Gigabit Adelaide,
  5. Kickstarting the development of a holistic eco-industrial park to showcase South Australia as the most environmentally and technologically advanced state in Australia,
  6. Progress game changing infrastructure projects including the Short-South link (from Mt Barker to the North-South Corridor), and duplications of both the Augusta and Dukes Highways,
  7. A stronger focus on buy-local procurement to ensure local businesses have every opportunity to not only access State Government procurement opportunities but in a manner that enables maximum leverage off any associated IP creation,
  8. Bold tax reforms to tackle the taxes that constrain businesses the most, particularly payroll, company tax, and fringe benefits tax; and
  9. A new Formula E race and Festival of E-motion for Adelaide including release of the feasibility study followed by an economic impact study into the event.
Download the full 9-Point Plan to Skyrocket SA here.

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